Friday, January 24, 2014

Humanitarian Information & Disaster Reduction Training in Namibia

The training on Humanitarian Information & Disaster Reduction, held from 06-07 November 2013 at the UN House and Safari Court Hotel in Windhoek, focused on training participants how to communicate humanitarian and disaster risk management activities. The training was conducted by Polytechnic of Namibia media lecturer Wanja Njuguna, and followed a half day UN Interagency Roundtable Communication for Development.

Three participants from each of the four community radios participating in the SIDA funded project in Namibia (!aH Radio, Base FM, Live FM and Ohangwena Community Radio) and 3 members of Karas Radio, along with MISA Director Natasha Tibinyane, received an introduction to Namibia ’s key actors in disaster risk reduction and practical tools when reporting and preventing future disasters.
A participative methodology, enabled the trainess to focus on how to prioritize information of relevance to the audience, sourcing additional information through interviews and broadcast and present humanitarian assistance and disaster relief information. Group discussions, case studies and video and audio materials were utilized to enhance participation and a hands on training.
The outcomes of the training were :
  • Enhancement of the  general knowledge about disaster risk reduction
  • Skills on how to prioritise information dispatch that is relevant for the community
  • Knowledge on how to report disaster risk reduction and DRR management (distinguish between dispatching information received from others vs. reporting on good practice or inaction)
  • A joint action in communication for development
  • Uses of social media, FOSS and ICTs to report on Humanitarian and Disater Risk Reduction and gathering audiences feedback and needs
  • MISA Namibia will attend DDRM meetings in the near future to help develop a communication strategy that includes community media outlets
  • A kit with key communication messages on humanitarian and disaster relive information  will be developed and used for awareness and advocacy