Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Fare Thee Well Mum

"Lord, I have done my work. If you feel this is the time for me to come and be with you, let it be"- According to her house help, those were mum's last words this morning as she slipped away into eternity to be with the one she served since she was a little girl. What a lovely way to go mum, what a lovely way to go....

Dear mum, you lived your life to the fullest. You taught my 
brother Paul Njuguna and I, your daughter in love, Lucky Njuguna and our children Chichi Njuguna, Arthur Muiru, Tijara Githinji and Tom Matsalia how important it was to stay close to the Lord, in sickness and in health, in plenty and in need, all the time. You disciplined us even in adulthood - you never ceased to correct us. You stayed true to your calling as a teacher even in retirement, 30 plus years later.

When I talked to you last Sunday and my brother Paul Njuguna spent the night with you last Thursday, nothing would have prepared us for this morning. But we are at peace because we know you lived your life to the fullest and 81.1 years (March 5th, 1935 - April 12th, 2016) is not a short time on earth but for us, it was too short.

We thank you God for the years you gave mum to us and more so, for the 14 years since dad passed on - you have been the pillar that held our home strong for as long as I can remember as a child and as a grownup. Even when we faced major challenges, prayer first was your key word and everything else fell into place.

Rest in Peace Mum and say hallo to dad. You are now at peace. We, Paul Njuguna and I, your daughter in love Lucky Njuguna, your grandchildren and one great grand child, friends, relatives and all others....We will eternally miss you, miss your counsel, miss your smile, miss your laughter even in pain, miss that forgiving heart that never ceased to forgive even when it was too hurting to do so.

Rev 14:13 Then I heard a voice from heaven say, "Write this: Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord from now on." "Yes," says the Spirit, "they will rest from their labor, for their deeds will follow them."

Face Book Messages from Dear Friends....Thanks

Joe Irungu May she Rest in Eternal Peace
Wanja Njuguna Thanks cuzo Joe Irungu

Wanja Ngichu Waweru ...May her soul rest in Eternal peace...

Wanja Njuguna Thanks cuzo Wanja Ngichu Waweru

Joel Emisiko Wanja Njuguna ....Paul Njuguna poleni sana.Wanja thanks for a fitting tribute.May God keep you at all Peace.RIP.Mama Wanja!
Wanja Njuguna Thanks Joel Emisiko

Sam Wambugu Rest In Peace mama. You have fought the good fight and lived to the fullest.

Wanja Njuguna Thanks Sam Wambugu. Which emoji should I put here? smile emoticon

Njambi Omondi Wanja Njuguna my friend poleni. May Mrs. Bishop rest in eternal peace. I remember her as a cool and collected Lady. May the good Lord comfort you.
Wanja Njuguna You can imagine the joy they are having now, Njambi Omondi

Rosemary Watu Pole sana Wanja and family. I pray that God will comfort and strengthen your family. May she Rest In Eternal Peace.
Wanja Njuguna Thanks Rosemary Watu. Your call was phenomenal - I appreciate.

Joys Kimani She rests in Perfect peace. sleep well mum
Wanja Njuguna Thanks Joys Kimani

Jane W. Mutua Wanja Njuguna and your brother Paul poleni sana. May God comfort and strengthen you and give you peace that is beyond human understanding . May mum's soul rest in eternal peace.
Wanja Njuguna Thanks Jane W. Mutua

Kwamboka Oyaro Pole my dear friend. My condolences to your bro and your mum's grandchildren as well as the rest of the family. May the good Lord who received your mum this morning comfort you.
Wanja Njuguna Thanks Kwamboka Oyaro

Jane Jepkemeii Oh Wanja, what a moving eulogy! May your Mom's soul rest in eternal peace.
Wanja Njuguna Thanks Jane Jepkemei.

Malo Nyar Wanja Njuguna my condolences to you and family. May mama Rest with Angels.
Wanja Njuguna Thanks Malo Nyar

Didi Matsalia Rest in peace Grandma.

Wanja Njuguna Thanks Didi Matsalia. Hawa wazee hawataki kukaa na sisi? Babu amemaliza mwezi kweli?

Brilliant Mabhena my condolences to you Ms Wanja and your family....that is a beautiful eulogy
Wanja Njuguna Thanks Brilliant Mabhena. I will miss your graduation!

James Kamau May the Good Lord rest her soul in eternal peace
Wanja Njuguna Thanks James Kamau

Mariam Omar Poleni sana may her soul rest in peace

Anne Kiburu Courtois Pole sana my condolences to u n your family

Wanja Njuguna Thanks Anne Kiburu Courtois

Ezekiel Mutua Pole sana Wanja. May God give you and the family strength to bear the pain. You are in our thoughts and prayers
Wanja Njuguna Thanks Ezekiel Mutua

Anne Nyabera You are in my prayers Wanja Njuguna. It is well.

Washington Akumu Pole sana, Wanja. Mum rests.

Peter Mwaurah May my teacher and the mother of my childhood friends, Wanja Njuguna and Paul Njuguna rest in eternal peace.
Wanja Njuguna Peter Mwaurah - you are an angel sent this morning. You thought about all the things I could not think about like ticketing etc. God bless you.
Peter Mwaurah Amen! Karibu dadangu.

Sara Bakata Pole sana Wanja Njuguna. May your mom RIP.

Jacob Letia Ole Kipury My condolences to you and your entire family be strong it's the way for us all.

Macharia Franjes Gaitho Pole sana Wanja Njuguna. Our prayers and thoughts are with you and the rest of the family.

Kennedy Ramojela Condolences to you Wanja Njuguna and the rest of your family. It's very good that she taught you to live close to God and with that it will be easy to accept her departure. God has plans for all of us. May her soul rest in peace.

Christine Kagendo Esipisu Pole sana Wanja Njuguna at this time.

Jotam Tjindjo Muuondjo My friend Wanja Njuguna sorry to learn about the passing of your dear mother, wish you all the strength and comfort that only the Lord can provide during this difficult time.

Samuel Kang'ethia Maina Pole sana. Mum is in a better place let us continue serving the Lord she served.

Rosa Hamukuaja Thobias My condolence Ms Wanja...may her soul rest in peace.

Ben Sihanya May she RIP. Our prayers for her and your family Wanja.

Elizabeth Wamba
Elizabeth Wamba Poleni sana, Wanja. May God comfort you.

Martha Githinji So very sorry for the loss tata.....our good Lord comfort you and family.

Joseph Clymax Illonga My sincere condolences to you Ms Wanja Njuguna and the rest of your family. May her soul rest in eternal peace.

Muhia Karianjahi Farewell mum, indeed. Wanja Njuguna, i grieve with you. You are right, what a faithful and courageous life, even to the very end!

Martin W Ocholi I join you Wanja Njuguna in thanking the Lord for your mother's life. You; and I believe, many others were truly blessed to have her in your lives. RIP mum.

Lucy Kipsanai Macharia Poleni. May God's Peace and Grace be with you and your family. It is well

Wanja Njuguna Lucy Kipsanai Macharia - tell Paul to let his dad know his friend has rested.

Florence Radull Pole Wanja dear. There is nothing like a mother's love. May you and your family find peace and solace in The Lord.

Ken Shulman So deeply sorry Wanja Njuguna. Sending love and prayers.

Wanja Njuguna Thanks Ken Shulman

Muliro Telewa May the Lord rest the lady in Peace. I had the honor of meeting her some times back in the course of my profession. A humble and dedicated servant of the Lord.

Manasseh Ngichu Really sad

Wanja Njuguna It is well cuzo, it is least all cousins had that bash with her two years ago?

Lawrence Kahindi Sincere condolences. RIP mum
Wanja Njuguna Thanks Dr Lawrence Kahindi

Purity Koko Pole sana wanja receive my condolences.may you mothers soul RIP . Tuko pamoja in grieve

Onesmus Kilonzo My sincere condolences, Wanja Njuguna...All will be well. May she Rest in Peace.

Wanja Njuguna Thanks Onesmus Kilonzo

Arieh O'Sullivan May you know no more sorrow
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Munene Ngotho God's ways and seasons are in His hands. We are His and thus live in His will. May His love envelop you n your whole family at this time of loss.

Thapelo Ndlovu My condolences Wanja Njuguna! MHSRIP!

Sam Gathigi Farewell cucu .... A modern day heroine of the word .... tukutendereza song continues in heaven . Wanja Njuguna Paul Njuguna praying for you all in this difficult period. SHALOM
Wanja Njuguna Thanks Cuzo. Let your parents know.

Simpson Senda Kwayera Wanja Njuguna, I join you and your entire family in mourning your departed majestic matriarch. I know the pain of losing a dear mother. May the almighty God give you strength to overcome this tragedy.

Kimani Muhoro My sincere condolences..May her soul rest in eternal peace..
Wanja Njuguna Thanks Kimani Muhoro

Anne Marcus Ms Wanja, when I had met you over the weekend I had worried about you thereafter... and now I am so incredibly sorry to hear this. I am sending you love and wishing you strength.

Patrick Ngugi Rest in peace Mum

Oscar Obonyo Sincere condolences to you Wanja Njuguna, Paul Njuguna and the rest of your family following the death of your loving mother. Tui hamwe!

Kipkoech Tanui Wanja Njuguna so sorry to hear about your mum's passing on. We pray and grief with you. Poleni sana. RIP

Yolanda Engell Andersen Sincere condolences to you and the family.

Mike Farrell I am so sorry for your loss, Wanja.
Wanja Njuguna Thanks Mike Farrell

Muthoni Githua Wanja may you and your family find comfort in the lord. Rest in peace mum
Wanja Njuguna Thanks Muthoni Githua

Sam Mwangi Wanja Njuguna mom has rested and is in a better place. We will miss her, and you more than the rest, but you have out prayers. 

Your words are those of one who is at peace. May God wipe away your tears and give you comfort now and in the (difficult) days to come.
Wanja Njuguna Thanks Sam Mwangi. Let your parents know.

Jetz Kwenani May she forever rest in eternal peace. Go well

Khatuna Salukvadze so sorry for your loss, Wanja... please accept my most sincere condolences....

Maria Henson Deepest sympathy, Wanja.

Bernice Gatere What a beautiful tribute to your dear mum Wanja. May you & your family experience God's comfort and peace at this time.

Stan Luchebeleli We thank you mum for giving birth to our wonderful sister Wanja Njuguna. May you go in glory for its the path for all of us until redemption comes. Be strong in heart my sister.

Haileleul Zeleke Woldemariam Rest in Peace!

Muna Wahome Pole Wanja Njuguna

Sophie Ikenye
My condolences Wanja. Rest in peace mum.

George Kimando My condolences Wanja Njuguna, and in my prayers you are. Even the darkest of nights finally gives way to the light if day. It shall be well. Keep me posted.
Wanja Njuguna Thanks George Kimando

Toily Kurbanov Very sorry, Wanja. Let your mother's soul rest in peace. Stay strong!
Wanja Njuguna Thanks Toily Kurbanov

Caroline Verkaik What a great tribute to your mom Wanja. Our deepest condolences and we will continue keeping your family in our prayers.
Wanja Njuguna Thanks. Let your parents know Caroline Verkaik

Peter Kigondu Poleni sana Wanja and Paul and the entire Bishop's family.
Wanja Njuguna Thanks Peter Kigondu. Let your mum and our mutual friend know.
Peter Kigondu Our friend spoke to Fauro. Mum shall be briefed later.

Doc Njiru So sorry Wanja for your Loss. 
May God grant you grace at this time.
Wanja Njuguna Thanks Doc Njiru

Ken Kimanthi Wanja,my heartfelt condolences to the entire family. May mum Rest in Peace

Olivia Nyatanga May she rest in eternal peace. Be comforted Wanja.
Wanja Njuguna Thanks Olivia Nyatanga

Mutafela Sitali So sorry for your loss Wanja, may she Rest in Peace...wishing you all the strength.
Wanja Njuguna Thanks Mutafela Sitali

Justin Kerongo Momanyi My Condolences wanja may the almighty God give u comfort during thes difficult time she is at peace with her God

Maggie Chello Nunuhe-Varkevisser My sincere condolences Ms Wanja Njuguna and family.

Fatuma Hirsi Mohamed Pole sana Wanja Njuguna. God make it easy for you as it is never easy. Great send off words for your mum.

Zipporah Musau My sincerest condolences Wanja Njuguna and Paul Njuguna & family! May our Lord give you peace at this difficult time! RIP mum!

Jo Kiritu Pole sana. May the Lord comfort you and your family now and always. May she rest in peace.

Elizabeth W. Mburu Pole sana Wanja. May our Lord comfort you n your family.

Kathurima M'Inoti Wanja, poleni sana. Peace

Kay Gaseitsiwe sorry for your loss Wanja may her soul rest in peace

Joy Setlhare lovely piece of appreciation from an artist...u left your best here for your mum...condolences

Ndeshi Leena Shangula-Mhani I am so sorry for your loss Ms. Wanja Njuguna may you and the family find comfort in the Lord. May your mom's soul rest in peace

Kjersti Flåten I am so sorry for your loss Wanja. You describe your mum just like the incarnation of the perfect mother.

Ali Nuumbembe So sorry meme Wanja n Paul may her soul rest in peace

Mawethu Radiporo My condolences Mma Wanja

Sarah Waigi How sad, fair thee well dear aunty, you've run the race and kept the faith, May you rest in God's Eternal Peace, Amen!

Sarah Waigi My condolences to you Wanja and Faoro and your families...

Wanja Njuguna What would we do without your dads, Sarah Waigi, Manasseh Ngichu, Wanja Ngichu Waweru - always ready whenever needed. They accompanied Paul Njuguna home this morning and by the time they got there, Muranga Njihia's family was already there. True Friends and Family! Thanks.

Gakiha Weru Pole sana Wanja. Mum, rest with the angels.

Asande Alyvine Matara My condolences. She was a loving and kind hearted mom for the short time I interacted with her.
Wanja Njuguna Asande Alyvine Matara - thanks. Atleast you got to interact well. Was going to call you but my bro said he found the Chief had sorted the urgent matters of a death at home. Thanks again.

Gabriela Schwar My condolences on the passing of your mom Ms Wanja Njuguna

Nabi Abdullaev Wanja, my most sincere condolences. Let the rest of your family live long and happy lives.

Ouna Dee My condolences. MHSRIP
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Peter Munywoki Mutie Wanja, all is well. GOD is always good, will always do good and keep will keep you well and good.

Mufaro Nesongano My condolences Ms. Wanja Njuguna.

Lucy Thairu Oh, Wanja Njuguna, I feel with you my sister, but it is well with mum and it is well with you and TG, your brother and his family. It is well....Blessed be the name of the Lord. Rest in Peace mum.

Carmen Honey Sincere condolences to you Wanja and your family.

Grace Muriithi May the God of all comfort, comfort you during this difficult time of the loss of your dear Mum. Shalom.

Essie Nthusi Rest in peace Auntie Cucu

Laban M Kimani Poleni sana to the entire Njuguna jamii. May Mum rest in Eternal Peace.

Debra Adams I am so sorry for your loss, we can never ever be quite prepared for these hard moments in life.

Josephine Oluwafunmilayo Omo Dukiya May the Lord grant you and your family the consolation that the whole world cannot give in Jesus Name. My condolences!

Lucy Mahiaini So sorry to hear about Mum's passing. Our condolences and love to you Wanja Njuguna and family. What a beautiful tribute to her. May God grant you His peace and comfort.

Dennis Onyango Pole Wanja.

Helena Udjombala My heartfelt condolences to you and the entire family. May her soul rest in peace.

Baruch Opiyo Poleni sana Wanja; even in grief we are thankful for mom's exemplary life and testimony. She sure fought a good fight and kept the faith ! RIP

Adieri Mulaa Pole sana Wanja Njuguna kaa ngumu! Mama has gone to be with the angels.

Etuhole Kayone-Erastus May her soul rest in enternal peace

Victorina Matsalia heartfelt condolence my sister...all to Jesus we surrender....
Wanja Njuguna Your dad and mum were such good friends, Victorina Matsalia - they just had to follow each other. I can imagine the rejoicing in heaven right now....
Victorina Matsalia yes they the four of them must be together....

CJ Loria Condolences, thoughts and prayers my dear friend.

Ben Mandi Our condolences Wanja. Mum is with the angles and the God she served. She is rested. May God's peace be with you and your family

Phillip Myburgh Dear Wanja, you are in my thoughts and prayers. Please accept my condolences at this sad time. Warm regards, Phillip

Tuafi Shafombabi My condolences Miss Wanja. Your in my thoughts and prayers.

Sapii Ene Lenguata Poleni sana Wanja may her soul rest in peace.

Noel Weru Poleni sana the Njuguna's .....we're together as always in spirit.....may her soul Rest in Eternal peace & may the Good Lord bless the children, friends & relatives left behind.
Wanja Njuguna Thanks Noel Weru. I know you know the pain of loosing a mother.

William Karanja Pole sana Wanja Njuguna.may the Lord grant you the strength to bear the pain of losing your dear mum.

Cathy Mugambi My condolences to u wanja and family May God comfort u all
Cathy Mugambi And May Her Soul Rest in Peace

John Khakhudu Agunda Poleni Wanja and Paul! You are now total orphans. Sooo sad, but that is the way of the Lord. We are praying for you to remain strong during this trying moment.
Wanja Njuguna Thanks John Khakhudu Agunda

Theghetto Voice May your angel find eternal peace. What a good job she did in raising both you. Please continue to shine the light she lit. It is so humbling to read such a tribute. And please find comfort in the memories deeply etched in your brains. Sleep mother sleep.

Mark Mugo Poleni sana Njuguna family

Wahu Kamunyu Fare thee well nyina wa Fauro. Wanja na Fauro na ciana cianyu. . May the Lord who your mother served all her life give you peace beyond your expectation. Grace.Grace. be upon you.

Nyangi Ogosh Pole sana madam Wanja.. mum has gone to b with her maker may u find comfort in the Lord at such a tym

Cherono Seroney Poleni sana... RIP
Wanja Njuguna Thanks Cherono Seroney

Nancy Muturi Wanja, so sorry to hear about the passing of your mom. It is a painful experience but God will grant you the strength and comfort we all need to cope with such loss. She's is in a better place and may her soul rest in peace.

Josephine Nduta Kibathi Wanja.sincere condolences.

Nyambura Muriuki We, now, ARE the mother/father. Can "I" truly say, I'v done my best and with courage do I now commit my spirit to you Father?

Mburu Mwangi Pôle Wanja Njuguna. May her soul RIP.

Nyambura Muriuki Sincere condolences #wanja. She's done her part. Over to you...

David Maina My condolences Wanja. May she rest with the angels.

April Simpson My sincere condolences, Wanja. May you find strength in your memories and the support of good friends and family. Xo

Wangui Muraya I am sorry Wanja!

Bradford Swing My most sincere condolences. My prayers are with you at this sad time.

Michael P. Carson Wanja my sincere condolences. Rest in peace dear Mum!

Peter M Kagai Wanja Njuguna. My thoughts are with you as you celebrate the life of this great lady that the Lord found favour on you to call her mum. May God grand you peace and strength during this time.

Nashilongo Gervasius Nakale We wish you strength and during this time Ms Njunguna. The Lord our comforter shall comfort you and family during this time.

Akida Akida RIP mum

Oburru-Otema Ramogo Heartfelt condolences

Patrick Olum My dear sister, Sincere Condolonces.

Ireen Kinya Kingori Poleni sana Wanja Njuguna. Am glad you know the Lord may He strengthen you now and forever more
Wanja Njuguna Thanks Ireen Kinya Kingori

Jeanne Mariani-Belding Thinking of you and your family. I am so very sorry to hear this news.Keeping you all in our thoughts and prayers.
Wanja Njuguna Thanks Jeanne Mariani-Belding. My parents seem to rest when I am away...Remember dad did the same just after we got Stanford?

Sammy Kaihuri A beautiful life so well lived. Precious in the sight of the Lord is cucu's presence today and forever more. Fare thee well.
Wanja Njuguna Thanks Sammy Kaihuri. Tell your mum to inform uncle Gacanja Kagu for me please just in case.
Sammy Kaihuri Yes I'll tell mum.

Precious Mngqibisa Condolences my dear sister and may her soul rest in eternal peace.
Wanja Njuguna Thanks Precious Mngqibisa

Maureen Kalane My dear sister Wanja Njuguna, I am speechless. I don't have the right words. I know she was a phenomenal mother who begot phenomenal children. You told me all about her-a woman of valour, prayer warrior, motivator, your support system. May God comfort you and the entire family.
Maureen Kalane's photo.
Maureen Kalane We honour her and will forever cherish her. I am so sorry sister -our deepest condolences. Hug. 
Maureen Kalane's photo.
Wanja Njuguna How sweet of you Maureen Kalane. Much appreciated.

Dennis Yedwab My condolences
Wanja Njuguna Thanks Dennis Yedwab

George Gitau Wanja Njuguna, my condolence on losing your dearest mom.And peace prevail in the family.
Wanja Njuguna Thanks George Gitau. If you can, let my cousin Paul Mwangi know. They were good buddies.

Hendrina Tuna Kashipolo My sincere condolences to the entire family.
Wanja Njuguna Thanks Hendrina Tuna Kashipolo

George Obanyi Wanja, my heartfelt condolences to you and family. May your dear Mum rest in peace wit the Lord. I pray for you during this trying moment.
Wanja Njuguna Thanks George Obanyi. Tell Bishop Obanyi his prayers for his fellow Bishop's wife will be handy right now.

Peggy Griffin Wanja so sorry for your loss of your mother.
Wanja Njuguna Thanks Peggy Griffin

Rosemary Mwangi Wanja, may the Lord comfort you and give you peace.
Wanja Njuguna Thanks Rosemary Mwangi

Nyasha Francis Nyaungwa My condolences Ms Wanja.
Wanja Njuguna Thanks Nyasha Francis Nyaungwa

Grace Ongeti I choose to celebrate her. She lived well.
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Wanja Njuguna Oh yes she did - very well Grace Ongeti. I hear you talked recently with her, thanks.

Pauline Msalame My heartfelt condolences to you all. May the Lord comfort you and give you peace.
Wanja Njuguna Thanks Pauline Msalame

Sam Mathenge My heartfelt condolences Wanja Njuguna, may your Mom rest in peace.
Wanja Njuguna Thanks Sam Mathenge

Julius Mahiaine Pole sana wanja. This is going to be a tough one for you. Now you have even more responsibility to lead the family and be strong at this time. Praying for you ...
Wanja Njuguna Thanks Julius Mahiaine. I gave Paul Njuguna that responsibility smile emoticon

Wambui I. Wamunyu Poleni sana. What a wonderful tribute to your Mum. May 
Wanja Njuguna Thanks mwalimu Wambui I. Wamunyu

Said Wabera Our sincere condolences to your family. May she rest in eternal peace.
Wanja Njuguna Thanks Said Wabera

Maurice M Nyakiti Pole sana Perp for the sad loss. may the Lord of comfort give you peace during this period. May mum rest in peace
Wanja Njuguna Thanks Maurice M Nyakiti

Emmy Wabomba Pole
Wanja Njuguna Thanks Emmy Wabomba and thanks for the call.

Timothy Wanyonyi Poleni sana
Wanja Njuguna Thanks Timothy Wanyonyi

Lydia Anjiah Pole sana Wanja Njuguna
Wanja Njuguna Thanks Lydia Anjiah

Douglas Mudave My profound condolences to you and your family. I feel your loss as I recall the time you took me visiting with her. I will inform Njambi. Our prayers with you and may Mum R I P.
Wanja Njuguna Thanks Douglas Mudave. I had even forgotten that smile emoticon

William Kaboro This is terribly difficult to put into words. May the Lord grant you and the family comfort, as you grapple and try to come to terms with the departure of the loved mum to the next life, Wanja Njuguna.
Wanja Njuguna Thanks William Kaboro

Roni Mugaki Pole sana Wanja. May the Lord comfort you. ..

Wanja Njuguna Thanks Roni Mugaki. Maombi ya mtumishi wa Mungu kama wewe appreciated.

George Okumu No words can describe the loss of a loved one, and more so, a mum. I wish the entire family, the Lord's strength to bear the tragic loss.
Wanja Njuguna Thanks George Okumu.
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Joash Onwong'a RIP. My condolences to the entire family.
Wanja Njuguna Thanks Joash Onwong'a.

Linda Gallant So sorry for your loss Wanja Njuguna. A huge hug to you and your family xxx
Wanja Njuguna Big hug accepted Linda Gallant, thanks.

KAmunyu Kibe My deepest condolences Wanja and to your brother Paul. We shall remember you in our prayers that you may find acceptance even as you mourn your mum. Peace.
Wanja Njuguna Thanks KAmunyu Kibe. Now I know what it feels to loose both parents like you did not too long ago - feels hollowl

Nina Singh Deepest condolences to you and your family Wanja. No words can explain the loss of dear ones and that too mother. I pray to Almighty to give you strength during this trying time.
Wanja Njuguna Thanks Nina Singh

Dan Teng'o Poleni sana Wanja. Thoughts with you.
Wanja Njuguna Thanks Dan Teng'o

Madaraka Paul Mwithaga Our sincere condolences.
Wanja Njuguna Thanks Madaraka Paul Mwithaga. Let your dad know his friend has rested.

Wahu Kamunyu Wanja Njuguna, Paul Njuguna, Lucky Njuguna, and all your children. Poleni saana
Wanja Njuguna Thanks Wahu Kamunyu.

Carol Njeri Pole Sana Wanja 
May you feel God's warm embrace now more than ever before
Wanja Njuguna Thanks Carol Njeri - feeling it already...

Hannah Bloch Wanja, sending you, Tijara and all your family my deepest sympathy and condolences. Love to you.
Wanja Njuguna Thanks Hannah Bloch. Will let Tijara Githinji know Auntie Hannah Bloch sent her best wishes.

Wellington Opanga My condolences, Wanja Njuguna. May God give you and the entire family strength. May your mom RIP.
Wanja Njuguna Thanks Wellington Opanga

Ledama Olekina Be strong ...poleni sana
Wanja Njuguna Thanks Ledama Olekina

Pauline Muthoni Githara Oh my God, Wanja, did this really happen? I can't believe it. Oh my goodness. May our Lord God be with you and your brother at this sorrowful time. May He comfort you and hold you close as you mourn your wonderful mom. I'll let my family know. Rest in Peace mama Wanja. Till we meet again.
Wanja Njuguna Thanks Pauline Muthoni Githara. I hope your mum is aware? Can you inform my dear cousin Paul Mwangi too? They had lovely time last time he was home for the funerals.

Catherine Riungu Pole Wanja Njuguna. Pamoja my sis

Omondi Owino Pole sana wanja. Tuko pamoja wakati huu wa kucelebrate the life of your mum.

Shazmin Manji-Karmali Our deepest condolences Wanja. We pray her soul rest in eternal peace and the Lord grant you strength through this difficult time. Amen.

Fredah Mputhia Awwww deepest condolences. May her soul RIP

Kiogora Andrew Mbogori Our Sincere Condolences Dear Wanja. May Mama Soul Rest in Peace.

Jane Gichohi Pole. Thank God she was so ready to transition to eternal life and in heaven. May God comfort you all.

Hannington Chokwe I can see you are strong. Thats the way it should be. She has done her job...its me and you to continue where she left...Tuko pamoja....
Wanja Njuguna Thanks uncle Hannington Chokwe

Dolly Wanjau Deepest condolences dear sister! She truly ran a good race! May her soul rest in eternal peace until we meet again in our beautiful eternal bodies. !

Mary Gitau RIP
Wanja Njuguna Thanks Mary Gitau

Faith Rubia My heart goes out to you and the entire family.May God's peace and comfort surround you all.Mum is at rest with her Father.Treasure her memories. Our thoughts and prayers are with you.

John Kareithi May she R.I.P pole sana
Wanja Njuguna Thanks John Kareithi

Brenda Kasili Our ideepest condolences Wanja Njuguna on the loss of your mom. May the Almighty give you and the family grace to bear your loss.
May she rest in peace!
Njuguna Thanks Brenda Kasili

Amos Misik Poleni sana.
Wanja Njuguna Thanks Amos Misik

Sane Wadu May she R.I.P
Wanja Njuguna Thanks Sane Wadu. Your neighbor has decided to go ahead of us...

Purity Ruchugo I'm truly truly sorry. May her sweet soul rest in eternal peace.
Wanja Njuguna Thanks Purity Ruchugo

Rahma Wako Wanja Njuguna-pole sana. My condolences to your family. On the loss of your mum. May she RIP.
Wanja Njuguna Thanks Rahma Wako

Rosemary Mutunkei My dear Wanja ..words fail me ..I know of your special bond with mum .May her soul rest in peace .My our Lord be with you and your family now and forever.
Wanja Njuguna Thanks Rosemary Mutunkei.

Carol Makele Mwangi Pole sana Wanja, May God give you and your family strength to bear the loss.....
Wanja Njuguna Thanks Carol Makele Mwangi

John Nganga Kindly accept our sincere condolences. She will be greatly missed. A very Godly woman who God gave to us in the diocese of Mt. Kenya when her late husband, bishop Njuguna was elected our bishop in the early 80's. Since then she become a mother to so many of us. Maitu, may you rest in peace till we meet again. Thank you for all you and your family have meant to us. For Wanja and Njuguna and the rest, we pray that God will grant the peace that passes all understanding.
Wanja Njuguna Thanks Rev John Nganga. I am sure you will dearly miss her. I know you had a special bond.

Faith W. Njoya-Macharia It's terrible to hear about your loss and I want to express my deep sympathy to you and your family. RIP dear mom.
Wanja Njuguna Thanks Faith W. Njoya-Macharia. Hopefully your parents know...

Lydia Waigi Wanja,Faoro,Lucky, and children,Poleni sana,we will keep you in our prayers for peace,for strength,Mum Rest Well.

Wanja Njuguna Thanks Lydia Waigi. Your dad as always was at hand this morning. What would we do without Uncle Waigi!

Serah Mwangi-Okeh We stand with the entire family during the loss of our precious and dear aunt. Words cannot describe what she meant to the family as a whole. There will be be never be another like her. Rest in peace Auntie.
Wanja Njuguna Thanks Serah Mwangi-Okeh. You met up when you were home last for my dear cousin's funeral?

Grace Githaiga My deepest condolences.
Wanja Njuguna Thanks Grace Githaiga

Musyoka Wa Kyendo There are times when I don't know what to say. This is one such time. Wanja Please accept myn numbeskull
Wanja Njuguna Thanks Musyoka Wa Kyendo. That little is sufficient.

Rhoda Orengo Wanja Njuguna, Paul and lucky, accept my deepest condolences on the passing on of your beloved mum. She is at peace with the angels
Wanja Njuguna Thanks Rhoda Orengo. After all the laughter we had jana!

Pamela Asigi May she rest in peace
Wanja Njuguna Thanks Pamela Asigi

George Gathecha My most sincere condolences.
Wanja Njuguna Thanks George Gathecha

Wamuyu Maina Hey Wanja, May the God of all comfort give you grace and strength during this period of mourning.
Wanja Njuguna Thanks Wamuyu Maina

Eunice Wadu May she R.I.P mum.

Wanja Njuguna Thanks Eunice Wadu. Your neighbor is no more..Hope you had seen her recently?
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Aileen Ogolla Our deepest condolences Wanja. May the lord surround you with His comfort and peace.
Wanja Njuguna Thanks Aileen Ogolla

Joyce Mwangi I am very saddened to learn of Aunty's passing. She was a wonderful, wonderful aunt and this is a great loss to the entire family. I will especially miss her hospitality, her counsel and her caring nature. My thoughts and prayers are with you all through this heartbreaking time. May all the love pouring in, embrace you during this difficult time. RIP TATA.
Wanja Njuguna Thanks Joyce Mwangi. I was even more worried how your dad would take it but I am told your mum and Gathumbi did a good job with him. Eish - now only two of them remaining!

Ngugi Mbugua Poleni sana, and may she Rest in 
Wanja Njuguna Thanks Ngugi Mbugua

Richard Alexander It is so wonderful the way you have paid tribute to your mum. Thank you for sharing those thoughts with us.
Wanja Njuguna Thanks Richard Alexander. I got your warm hug from your better half, Josephine Oluwafunmilayo Omo Dukiya smile emoticon

Lenny Arap Chepkangor pole sana wanja
Wanja Njuguna Thanks Lenny Arap Chepkangor
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Mapolomoko Madd Deepest sympathies on your tremendous loss. May she rest.
Wanja Njuguna Thanks Mapolomoko Madd

MaryAnne Loiacono Our thoughts and prayers to you and your entire family during this sad time. May you find solace and grace as you remember your mum and what a legacy she has built in you all. X
Wanja Njuguna Thanks MaryAnne Loiacono

Odhiambo Orlale Sad to hear the shocking news of the demise of your loving mum. May The Lord rest her soul in eternal peace, amen.
Wanja Njuguna Thanks Odhiambo Orlale

Anne Munene-Kabanya Wanja Njuguna, my sincere condolences to you and the entire family. May God uphold you firmly in His right hand as you prepare to bury mum. You are in my prayers. RIP mum, I'm sure the Angels in heaven are celebrating.

Wanja Njuguna Thanks Anne Munene-Kabanya. There is glorious singing in heaven right now...

Nyambura Wa Njoroge My condolences to you and your family... May she RIP
Wanja Njuguna Thanks Nyambura Wa Njoroge.

Lilian Njoki Gitau Rest in peace.

Karanja Mwangi Hi Wanja Njuguna. This is so sudden. Just yesterday, my wife and I had a lovely chat with your mum and we were to see her this Thursday. Too late but the memories lives on.
Poleni lakini.
Wanja Njuguna That is what I am hearingKaranja Mwangi. It was sudden but at least you got to chat. I didn't even know you are in Jamhuri. Hopefully I will find you there?

Prince Brian Ms. Nwanja, my condolence to you and your family on the death of your mother. In sadness we find happiness. Therefore, we give glory to God for a well lived life of the mother and grandmother. May her soul rest in the bosom of the Lord. And may he give you the strength to bear the loss. My family and l are in prayer with you

Chikezie Emmanuel Uzuegbunam Msc Oh my... Accept my deepest condolences Dr Wanja. The death of a mother is always hard for people to fully understand. But I know that the Lord is giving you people the Grace to go through this and the funeral and to continue to live in love and in the absence of Mama. Giving you all my sympathies and best wishes. 

Comfort Munoru Mwangi Wanja and your entire family, you have been blessed to have your mother all those years. She has gone ahead. May she rest in peace

Maggie N. Kaba May Mum rest in peace. May God grant you comfort, strength, and peace at this very difficult time.
Njeri Githire Poleni Wanja and Paul! May she rest in eternal peace!Wanja Njuguna Thanks auntie Njeri Githire 

Karigithu Menja Poleni Wanja na Paul,please accept my condolences to both yourselves and the rest of the family. May the Almighty Lord give you strength and peace to able to manage the transition as you prepare to rest your beloved mother. We shall keep you all in prayers, till you finish the final journey. God bless you, now and in future!

Wanja Njuguna Thanks so much Karigithu Menja. Sad that after all you did for her in the last few months, that scheduled meeting never happened but the blessings she showered on you will be with you and your family for years to come. Paul Njuguna and I can never thank you enough. 

Liz Kamau Mburu Our condolences to you Wanja Njuguna n your family. Be comforted n may His peace that surpasses all understanding b upon u all. We celebrate a life well lived. To God be all the glory.anja Njuguna
Wanja Njuguna Thanks Liz Kamau Mburu Write a reply...

George Muiru May God Almighty rest her soul in eternal peace. May He also grant comfort & peace to you Wanja NjugunaPaul Njuguna & all friends & family. Hers was truly a life well lived.
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Wahu Kamunyu Haiya

Our condolences Wanja Njuguna and Paul. Arohurûka ûhoro maitû witû.Wanja Njuguna Thanks Peter.

Githitu Mahinda Condolences Wanja and may she rest in eternal peace.
Wanja Njuguna Thanks Githitu Mahinda. I know you know that deep pain of loosing a loved one...illie Mabona
Millie Mabona Pole sana to you and family.
Wanja Njuguna Thanks Mhesh Millie Mabona. I see you have bereavement after bereavement to attend in your constituency - you are brave!

Millie Mabona God gives the grace. It's difficult to lose a loved one. May God give you and family Grace.

On behalf of all your students at NUST former and current, we express our heartfelt condolences on your mum passing to glory. I have heard you talking good about her bravery. May her soul rest in eternal peace.
Wanja Njuguna Thanks Marina. 

 Anthony Basil Oduor Omoro May the soul 
Of your dear departed mum
A unique person by all accounts...anja Njuguna
Jemima Kariri Condolences to the family. .Fair thee well mamaanja Njuguna

POLE SANA madam Wanja, rest in peace grand mother

Unomengi Kauapirura ... My heart goes out to you and your entire family as I know " you are never too old to lose a mommy And I also know exactly how it feels when it happens while so far away from the rest of the family... Then again, it will be ok,Wanja Njuguna hold on tight, yet do weep for her, it is so important
Wanja Njuguna Thanks Unomengi Kauapirura I guess I have joined the 'elite' club as you so hilariously called it smile emoticon
Unomengi Kauapirura Yes the parent less souls that are still marching on... There is word for them in the dictionary, the "O" club but don't let Oprah sue us for being orphans!

Purity Pury My condolences...May she rest in peace...Wanja...may the Lord give you peace at this time..with your entire family..

Mark Harvey Wanja - I am thinking of you during this difficult time of loss for you. My deepest sympathies regarding your wonderful departed Mother

Florence Radull My prayers are with you and your family my dear Wanja. I know how close and how dear she was to you all. Take heart and find healing and solace in The Lord. RIP Mama Wanja
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Peter Mwaurah May my teacher and the mother of my childhood friends, Wanja Njuguna and Paul Njuguna rest in eternal peace. 
Shame to the hacker(s)!

Mumbi Ngugi My condolences, Wanja. May your Mum rest in peace.
oise Wadu
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